Teeth Whitening

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If your teeth have become discoloured over time, teeth whitening is a quick, easy way to restore their natural brightness!

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The Teeth Whitening Process

During your first teeth whitening appointment, our team will make impressions of your teeth, which we'll use to fabricate your whitening tray.

The tray is lightweight and comfortable, and can be worn while you are awake or asleep. It is thin enough that you'll be able to talk and work while wearing it.

You will receive your tray and your dental teeth bleaching materials during your second appointment, as well as detailed instructions on how to apply the whitening gel and how long you need to use it each day.

Typically, bleaching systems require 10-14 days to achieve the desired result.  It is best to avoid red wine, blueberries and other stain producing foods and beverages while bleaching your teeth.

What can I expect after teeth whitening?

Dental bleaching provides a change in the brightness of your teeth. Bear in mind that bleaching does not change the colour of materials such as dental resins or porcelains.

This means that if you are likely to have any of these procedures done, you should whiten your teeth first. That way, the material colour will be matched to the new, whiter shade of your teeth. After your first course of bleaching, you'll probably have a syringe or two of bleaching gel left over. You can use these to "touch up" your smile in the future.

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