The Wiggles Help Make Brushing Fun!

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Posted Aug 29th, 2017 in News & Updates

It can sometimes be a challenge to get kids to brush their teeth. Try making brushing fun with this great video from the Wiggles!

Getting kids to brush isn't always easy, and many of our younger patients' parents wonder how to get their kids to take more of an interest in the process.

Dr. Regula and Dr. Simoens often advise frustrated parents to find ways to add an element of fun to the brushing process. And what's more fun than a great brushing song?

When it comes time for the morning or evening brushing routine, turn this video on and brush along with The Wiggles!

Watch the full video below. Happy brushing!

For more tips and advice for making brushing and flossing fun for kids, feel free to get in touch with our office!

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